About Us

1888: Yancey Lumber Company was founded by Thomas G. Yancey (1844-1914) in Newman, California. Today it is still partly family owned and doing business in Newman and Patterson as a lumber and hardware store under direction of Kern Hunewell.

1939: Yancey Company was founded by Joel H. Yancey, (1916-2001) at age 22. He was the son of Thomas G. Yancey. Joel opened his first office at 2114 K Street in Sacramento. In 1956 the office moved to the 30th & B Street location.

1957: Yancey Company incorporated and was issued California Contractors License #165793. Yancey Company had become the West Coasts largest home improvement contractor, with over 80 employees, 22 trucks and offices in Reno and Chico.

Note: California Contractors License numbers are given in consecutive order. Yancey Company’s license number starting with a # 1 was one of the first issued. (License #165793)

1983: Joel H. Yancey retired and his son Tom G. Yancey, (1950- ) took over as president of Yancey Company.

1988:Tom Yancey developed a new company called the Tom Yancey Company. Tom Yancey Company specializes in roofing. Their office is located in Fair Oaks, California.

1989: Robin E. Yancey (1946), Joel Yancey’s daughter, took over as president of Yancey Company with the help of her two sons Tommy and Ty Yancey.

1990: Yancey Company sold limited rights to use the name “Yancey Roofing” to Janet Gudgel, a long time Yancey employee. Gudgel/Yancey Roofing (License #589559) was founded.

2001: Joel H. Yancey, Chairman of the Board of Yancey Company and Yancey Lumber Company, passed away.

2005: Yancey Company relocated the office from the family owned property at 30th & C Street to 8250 Alpine Avenue. Yancey Company is still family owned and operated by Robin E. Yancey. Yancey Company is now serving its’ third generation of customers.